Thursday, December 8, 2011

RECAP: StreetPass NYC’s Mario Kart 7 Launch Tournament Races Past The Finish Line With Flying Colors



60 People Participate in a Grand Race for the StreetPass NYC Mario Kart 7 Launch Tournament Trophy at the Nintendo World Store!

Sixty Mario Kart fans drifted and launched colored shell assaults on the virtual race track in StreetPass NYC’s Mario Kart 7 Launch Tournament at the Nintendo World Store with twice as many onlookers watching the intense races. All sixty contestants had their eyes on the prize: A real life Mario Kart 7 Golden Racing Trophy as well as a Silver and Bronze medal for 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

The Final Race of the Tournament was insanely tough, 150cc with No Items running an entire cup with zero breaks. Out of the final eight contestants (the crème de la crème out of a pool of 60 racers) came three winners: Michael Vavara took home the First Place Winners Trophy, Brian Horne won the Silver 2nd Place Medal and Sam Lautin rounded out 3rd Place for the Bronze Medal.

Winning the trophy was an incredible experience and im looking forward to the next StreetPass NYC event”, exclaimed an excited Michael Vavara who posed for pictures next to his 1St Place Winners Trophy. 

All three were interviewed for StreetPass NYC’s YouTube Page.

We want to thank Nintendo of America and the wonderful people at the Nintendo World Store for throwing such a fun and well run launch party, said Jordan White, Founder and Event Organizer of StreetPass NYC, who organized the tournament. We worked very hard to create a fair, organized Tournament and we hope people had as much fun competing in it as we had fun running it!

The Mario Kart 7 event was fantastic! I'm happy I've had so much fun playing Mario Kart with other people, said Peter J. Ortiz, COO and Co-Event Organizer of StreetPass NYC. The tournament ran smoothly, and I'm glad everyone who participated enjoyed themselves!

"Watching all of these people come together and engage in a new Mario Kart experience made me very happy to be a Nintendo fan, Leroy Sylva, Chief Audio/Video Director of StreetPass NYC, agreed with his colleagues. 

A huge extra special thanks to Absanael Boggio and ‘Aura’ for handling all of our printed fliers and press materials. We would also like to thank Little Falls Trophy & Engraving ( located in Little Falls, NJ for supplying StreetPass NYC with their magnificent trophies.

This event will be StreetPass NYC’s last major launch party event. The last event in total for the 2011 will be a “Secret Santa” gathering where hot co-co will be served and a gifts will be exchanged currently planned for December 18th with a Rain/Snow back-up date planned for the 23rd.

Details are still being worked out so please stay tuned to this blog!

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