Monday, November 21, 2011

RECAP: StreetPass NYC Successfuly Helps Launch The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword!

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Huge Lines for Zelda Trivia Mini-Posters, Interviews with Zelda Cosplayers and More as Fans Celebrate the Release of the Wii’s Magnum Opus!

Zelda Fans from all over North America braved the freezing cold the previous night and the morning of November 19th at the Nintendo World Store to be first in line to pick up the newest game in the series “The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword”.  Alongside this fantastic event from Nintendo of America, StreetPass NYC was there to run a challenging Zelda Trivia Contest for Mini-Posters and to award the best Zelda cosplayers with The Legend of Zelda-themed necklaces.

We want to thank Nintendo of America and the wonderful people at the Nintendo World Store for throwing such a fun and well run launch party, said Jordan White, Founder and Event Organizer of StreetPass NYC, who camped outside of the store since 8:00 PM that previous night to be the 12th person in line. The smiles of people’s faces and the excitement of the crowd despite the freezing weather showed proved to the world how passionate the New York Legend of Zelda fans are and we were glad to give back to that community via awesome fan-run contests!

After 25 years, The Legend of Zelda series still proves itself by setting new boundaries, and setting new standards for gaming as a whole. No one should miss out on this exciting adventure, said Peter J. Ortiz, COO and Co-Event Organizer of StreetPass NYC. 

Echoing that statement, Leroy Sylvia, Chief Audio/Video Director of StreetPass NYC, shared his amazement of their celebration of New York Zelda fandom. "For 25 years, Zelda has taken everyone on mystical journeys in the land of Hyrule. Today showed that fans are suited up and ready for adventure once again!

StreetPass NYC also invited two very special Zelda fans to the Launch Party and they shared in everyone’s excitement for the new Wii game as well:

It was well worth the wait in line for. I met a ton of cool Nintendo fans, traded Friend Codes and Street Passes with, did Zelda Trivia, some interviews and most importantly got the game, said Isaiah TriForce Johnson, who loves the Legend of Zelda series so much he changed his first name to include the mystical object of legend in the game. This is an experience in gaming that only Nintendo has brought for almost 30 years. Keep going Nintendo.

I had a great time at the Skyward Sword Launch Party, said Sam O'Neill, dressed as the The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker character Tingle and better known from her very popular YouTube blog under the name Nintendo Fan Girl. It was awesome meeting and hanging out with tons of other Zelda fans, and seeing all the Zelda-themed swag inside Nintendo World got me even more hyped up for Skyward Sword! Getting the game a day early was just the icing on the cake. All in all I had a lot of fun and it was definitely worth waiting outside in the cold for 8 hours.

A huge extra special thanks to Absanael Boggio and ‘Aura’ for printing out these amazing mini-posters spanning 25 years of Zelda history, handling all of our printed fliers and press materials. We would also like to thank once again Nicholas Oehlberg, Co-Founder of StreetPass Princeton for creating the amazing Legend of Zelda-themed Perler Beads to give away in our Zelda Cosplaying Contest.

StreetPass NYC’s next major events will be the Launch Party for Mario Kart 7 in December and a fan gathering for SEGA’s Sonic Generations on Nintendo 3DS before the end of November. More details of these events will be released when all aspects of the launch are finalized by Nintendo of America and SEGA of America respectively.

EXCLUSIVE: Here is our favorite Zelda Cosplayer who won First Place in the Competition! We will have more videos online shortly:

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