Wednesday, January 11, 2012


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Directions:  Train to the Relevancy Street Subway Stop

Location: Outside the Delancey "F" Subway Stop (Corner of Deleancy St and Essex St, New York NY)

Gathering Time: 4:00pm - 5:00pm

Start Time: 5:30pm SHARP

Have a knack for friendly mischief and the art of prankster-ism?

Sick and tired of big PR campaigns telling how as a Nintendo Fan you are a child who is lame and uncool?

Love racing in Mario Kart 7?

Well we have an event for you! Welcome to our first Phase of PROJECT BABYSITTER, a series of civil and fun flash mob events where we get show that Nintendo fans are not the meek, quiet victim dorks that many think we are!

Our first task is very simple, we only have two requirements:

-- Bring your Nintendo 3DS*

-- Have a Nintendo-themed Hat (Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Pikmin, ect) that can be easily concealed or a Nintendo-themed T-Shirt that is covered entirely by a light jacket or similar outerwear.

*(We strongly encourage but we also welcome people who bring their Nintendo DS and your favorite game for it!)

No fancy dances or routines, simply wear that and bring your system outside to the Delancey Street F Train Stop (alternatively the Essex Street J, M, Z Stop and walk to Delancey) at 4:00 PM.

Our gathering ends at 5:00 PM SHARP and if you are late there will be a person at the stop who will direct you to the flash mob location. (Although warning, come too late and the festivities might have already ended!)

At 5:00 PM SHARP after briefing all who attend on our actions we will leave the train station area and walk to the flash mob location. We will enjoy awesome free snacks and drinks and bide our time with a lot of fun and chat.

At 6:00 PM however, we will start to do our flash mob and then continue to do it until we are (most likely) asked to leave.

Please be respectful to other people at the flash mob area and please cooperate with all authorities that we may encounter. There will be no trouble here, no arrest, nothing like that. Just some simple hilarious fun.

Then afterwards, we will walk around New York City and StreetPass hangout together!

So come on down. Bring yourself. Bring your Nintendo Shirt and/or Hat. Bring your Nintendo 3DS. Bring your game face.

We were inspired by these French Knights...

# # #

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