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Mario Minigolf Reality Tour on Governors Island by Figment New York

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Manhattan Directions:  1  Train to South Ferry or N, R  Train to Whitehall St. Station to Battery Maritime Building

Brooklyn Directions: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, A, C, F Train to Jay St/Borough Hall to Peir 6 in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Location: Figment NYC "Arcade" Mini-Golf Course (Parade Grounds, South of Fort Jay )

Date: September 23th, Sunday

Time: 12:00 NOON – 5:00 pm

Remember, back in the day when you’d spend hours and hours in the dark womb of the Arcade? Sandwiched between two fluorescent lit store fronts in almost every strip mall across America is that thrilling murky area offering hours of entertainment to idle teenagers and nostalgia-seeking adults alike. Shoryukening your days away, dodging ghosts while eating magic pills, and saving the world from inevitable angry gorillas.

StreetPass NYC invites you to Governors Island to the FIGMENT Project Mini-Golf course!

We plan on playing all eight holes to see who ends up in the sand pits and who is the next Tiger Woods. Then we plan to play some awesome multiplayer games such as Kid Icarus: Uprising and New Super Mario Bros 2 Coin Rush challenges,. Winners will receive packs of Kid Icarus: Uprising Booster Packs Series One. Later on in the day around 3:00 PM-ish we also may provide some edible treats and hang out in hammocks around Picnic Point more south of the Island via the Tram system.

Prepare yourself to simply be sucked into the vortex of the arcade!

WEATHER NOTE: There might be some light showers or rain drizzle. If so, please bring your umbrella. If it pours rain, we will announce an event cancellation on this Blog, Facebook and Twitter in which we will try again same location and time at the Rain Date below.

Exact Location is at Parade Grounds, South of Fort Jay.

More Info Here:

RAIN DATE: September 15th, Saturday


--Manhattan Ferry--
Free ferries run from the Battery Maritime Building in Manhattan on Saturdays, Sundays and Labor Day.

Sat-Sun & Holiday Mondays: Ferries leave at 10 AM, 11 AM and then every half hour until 5:30 PM. Ferries return to Manhattan at 10:30 AM, 11:30 AM and then every half hour until 7 PM.

--Directions to the Governors Island Manhattan Ferry--
The Governors Island ferry departs from the Battery Maritime Building located at 10 South Street, adjacent to the Staten Island Ferry in Lower Manhattan. The ferry terminal is accessible as follows:

By Subway
1 to South Ferry station
4, 5 to Bowling Green station
R to Whitehall St. station

By Bus
M1 (weekdays only), M6, M9, and M15

By Car
Cars are not permitted on Governors Island. Parking is available in Lower Manhattan near the ferry terminal and in Brooklyn near Pier 6 on Columbia Street.

--Brooklyn Ferry--
Free ferries run from Brooklyn Saturday-Sunday and all Holiday Mondays.
Ferries run continuously, approximately every 20 minutes, beginning at 11 AM. Ferries run from 11 AM to 5:10 PM. The last ferry returns to Brooklyn at 7 PM.

--Directions to the Governors Island Brooklyn Ferry--

The free ferry from Brooklyn leaves from Pier 6 in Brooklyn Bridge Park, located at the foot of Atlantic Avenue (corner of Columbia Street).

By Subway
2,3,4,5 to Borough Hall
A,C,F to Jay St./Borough Hall
R to Court Street

By Bus
B63 to the terminus of Atlantic Avenue (at Columbia Street)


Remember to bring anything that you might need for the day.

There are no stores on Governors Island. The Island does have medical facilities, porta-potties/restrooms, and a few snack carts / concession stands.

- Drinking water: Bring your own as there is very limited water on the Island

- Picnic food and snacks to eat and share

- Sun protection: Sunscreen, a floppy hat or parasol, and sunglasses

- Toys: Sidewalk chalk, kites, hula hoops, croquet sets, water guns… anything that you want to play with or invite others to join you in!

- Any necessary medications

- Costumes: FIGMENT is the perfect time to play make-believe (for both kids & adults!)

- Bicycles or roller skates: The Island is very walkable and a tram is available, but wheels make it easy to get around!

The following items are PROHIBITED on the Island – please do not bring them:

- Glass containers

- Grills

- Dogs or other pets (you will be turned away before you board the ferry unless it is a registered service animal)

- Cars (during FIGMENT weekend, vehicle traffic on the Island is limited to those who have advance permission)

- Alcohol

- Weapons

- Anything that is not legal to have in public in New York City

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Nintendo, Nintendo Week Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS and StreetPass are copyright and/or registered trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. StreetPass NYC is NOT affiliated with or representative of Nintendo of America Inc.

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