Thursday, February 7, 2013

StreetPass NYC Google+ Hangout On Air! -- Fire Emblem Awakening


We at StreetPass NYC wanted to do an experiment, a virtual group meeting that would be broadcasted live an saved onto YouTube via Google+ Hangout LIVE on Air. We wanted to show people what our meetings are like in New York City for those who have never attended it, talk about latest games (in this case the recently released Fire Emblem Awakening) and have tons of fun doing so in the process. Give a little taste of what being in StreetPass NYC is all about.

We end up recording on Wednesday, February 6th as a test and we feel that our test was a smashing success. Special thanks of Sean from Nintendo World store coming out to talking about our most famous Nintendo hot spot!

Expect more of these types of LIVE Hangouts in the future and also look forward too a new Podcast similar to this format called The StreetCast coming out in April/May 2013.

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