Wednesday, January 22, 2014

NostalJunk in the Trunk -- Chibi-Robo Photo Finder with StreetPass NYC

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Directions:   D, B, 4  Train to 167th Street Station or 4 Train to 161 Street/Yankee Stadium 

Location: The Bronx Museum of the Arts (
1040 Grand Concourse, Bronx, New York 10456)

Date: January 26st, Sunday

Event Time: 12:00 NOON - 4:00 PM

Chibi-Robo, an icon from the GameCube era, is back in the Nintendo 3DS & 2DS eShop game "Chibi-Robo Photo Finder" out on January 9th! Chibi-Robo is trying to curate a museum with various NostalJunk items and the best way we think we can do this is to steal-er-photograph some objects from another museum (the Bronx Museum of the Arts to be exact) with it's own NostalJunk display.

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A comprehensive survey of the works of American sculptor Tony Feher, this exhibition features key artworks that use everyday objects and found materials in a post-minimalist aesthetic, displaying the richness and complexity of Feher’s investigations. The exhibition is accompanied by a fully illustrated monograph and reveals Feher's very personal vocabulary developed and refined over the past decades. Organized by Claudia Schmuckli, Director and Chief Curator of Blaffer Art Museum at the University of Houston.

Exhibit info here:

Use the Nintendo 3DS Camera to look for everyday objects in the sculptures that match the shapes in your silhouette film, and then start snapping pics. Depending on how well a real-world item’s shape fits the silhouette, it may qualify as first-rate NostalJunk!

Join us, just don't run out of power. You are a robot after all...

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