Tuesday, May 10, 2011

StreetPass NYC Is Proud To Walk For Charity For AIDS Walk New York

Popular grassroots video game organization, StreetPass NYC, are delighted to announce that they will be an official fundraising and walking team for the AIDS Walk New York in Central Park on May 15th.

“Gamers are often stereotyped as lazy, rude, immature and dangerous delinquents who are sub human,” Jordan White, Founder of StreetPass NYC has stated to the public on Tuesday May 10th.

“We want to squash the image of the gamer as a overweight man alone in his apartment yelling obscenities while shooting virtual Nazis. Our aim is to show the world the positive side of gaming and how gaming can change the world, starting with this walk.”

People can go to www.3DStxt.com/WALK to join the walking team or www.3DStxt.com/AIDS to donate to AIDS/HIV Research.

An estimated 33 million people globally are infected with AIDS and are suffering from HIV.

StreetPass NYC is a subset of the much larger, global-wide grassroots StreetPass Network of meetings popping up all over the globe from America to Japan and South Africa. Their goal is for fans of the Nintendo 3DS system to interact face to face in a non-discriminatory public venue and to promote a more active and personable gaming experience to combat portrayal of the stereotypical anti-social gamer image persisting in popular media.

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