Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tekken 3D Prime Edition Launch Party -- King of Iron Fist Tournament at Next Level Arcade

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Directions:  Train to 9th Ave

Location: Next Level Arcade (4013 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11232)

Date: February 26th, Sunday

Tournament Sign-Ups: February 17th NOON - 3:00am, February 18 NOON - 8:00pm

Event Time: 6:00pm - 11:50pm

Welcome to the latest fighting game to hit the Nintendo 3DS, Tekken 3D Prime Edition. Insane Auto-stereoscopic 3D graphics at steady 60 FPS even when running in 3D. Total of 40 characters and stages as well as 700 collectable Tekken cards to StreetPass. In addition, the 3D movie, Tekken: Blood Vengeance, will be included in the package. That's a lot of stuff!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, StreetPass NYC has teamed up with Namco-Bandai Games and Next Level Arcade to host our own King of Iron Fist Tournament as February 18th will be known in New York City as Tekken Day!

--Venue Details--

:..>Due to the venue policies and to support local business, the venue will have to charge a small $8 flat fee for entry. Contest entry and activities are free of charge however.

:..>Food and Drink is planned to be at the venue while supplies last.

--Tekken 6 Tournament--


:1st Place:
:..> Tekken Hybrid Fightstick from Namco-Bandai (Value $189.99)
:..> FREE Copy of Tekken 3D: Prime Edition for Nintendo 3DS
:..> FREE "I ♥ Tekken" T-Shirt

:2nd Place:
:..> FREE Copy of Tekken 3D: Prime Edition for Nintendo 3DS
:..> Free "I < 3 Tekken" T-Shirt

:3rd Place:
:..> Free "I ♥ Tekken" T-Shirt

:Most Saltiest Player Award:
:..> For the whines, annoying and saltiest player. You don't want to win this! Prize Details announced at venue.

Sign-Ups from 12:00 Noon -- 8:00 PM, Tournament Starts 8:30 PM
System: PS3
Format: Double Elimination, 3/5 rounds
Bring Your Own Joysticks!

:..> Turbo: Not allowed
:..> Stickless Sticks: Not allowed
:..> Double KO: Results in no points for both players. They must replay that match.
:..> Wireless controllers: BANNED. You are not allowed in the venue with a wireless controller. If we see you attempt to sync a controller, we will ask you to leave. You can rent a Joystick for $2 at the venue if you don't have your own.


--Event Activities--

:Tekken 3D: Prime Edition:
:..> Nintendo 3DS with Tekken 3D: Prime Edition open to all participants.
:..> Casual Play Raffle begins at 10:00 PM
:..> 20 Sign-Up Positions
:..> Winners of Casual Play enter
raffle for a "I ♥ Tekken" T-Shirt!

:Old School Tekken Games:

:..> Tekken 3 running off of a Playstation One will be available for Casual Play.
:..> Tekken Tag Tournament (HD) running off a Playstation 2 (or 3 for HD) will be available for Casual Play.

:Tekken Cosplay:
:..> Show up dressed as your favorite character to be featured by StreetPass NYC and Namco-Bandai games in various media and press releases!
:..> Photo shoot and Interview for StreetPass NYC's YouTube
:..> Cosplay Judging by 10:30 PM
:..> Winning Cosplay brings home a "I ♥ Tekken" T-Shirt!

:Midnight Raffle:
:..> Participants of the Launch Party will receive a raffle ticket that will be drawn at 11:00 PM to win "I ♥ Tekken" T-Shirts!
:..> Note, if you already won a T-Shirt in another activity, you CAN'T win a second one!

:Tekken: Blood Vengeance Screening:
:..> At 9:00 PM, TV Screens and Projectors will play the CGI Animated film Tekken: Blood Vengeance with subtitles added! MORE surprises and FUN!

--Sponsors List--

StreetPass NYC (Host & MC) --
StreetPass Network (Special Thanks) --
Namco-Bandai Games (Publisher) --
Next Level Arcade (Venue) --

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