Thursday, February 2, 2012

Win a FREE Redeemable Download Code for Mutant Mudds via StreetPass NYC TODAY at 6:00 PM EST!

Many of us at StreetPass NYC dowloaded the amazing new Nintendo eShop game Mutant Mudds and are enjoying the hell of it's "so old school you blow into the cartridge slot to make it work" goodness!

So we along with Renegade Kid, developers of the game gave an Editors Choice Award, have decide to spread the love!

We are kicking off a small contest for you to WIN two redeemable download codes for two lucky people to download Mutant Mudds for FREE!

The contest is simple and is open to anyone who has a Nintendo 3DS and an internet connection. Simply go to either our Facebook Page or our Twitter Page. Alternatively you can also go to StreetPass Philadelphia's Facebook Page to participate as well!

Starting TODAY at 6:00 PM, we plan to put up a Topic on Facebook and a Tweet on Twitter that we hope you will Like and Retweet. After a set number of Likes and Retweet, we will post up the code five minutes afterwards. Warning, once the code is posted, getting your free copy of Mutant Mudds before someone enters it will be a little more tricky than copying and pasting a code in the Nintendo eShop via Settings/Other > Redeem Download Code. Make sure you have your Nintendo 3DS ready for this one!

Even if you are late redeeming the code, we are glad we can give back to the community in a small way and hope you download Mutant Mudds along with the new release of Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword, EXCLUSIVE to the Nintnedo 3DS via the Nintendo eShop.

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  1. I wonder how many "Admins" of StreetPass NYC have received a free download code for this game. Not to mention other E-Shop games that have come out in the past.

  2. If this video game is belongs to nintendo ds accessories then it will get more features. Anyway I like this video game.

  3. Muttant Mudds is one of most lovable video game by all kids and to all psp accessories users.