Friday, May 18, 2012

StreetPass NYC Online Charity Drive -- Watch TriForce Set a World Record for AIDS Walk NY

Fundraising begins on May 18th at Midnight where Legendary Nintendo Fan and Guinness/Twin Galaxies World Record Holder, Isaiah TriForce Johnson, will attempt to set a world record in Tetris Party Deluxe by creating as many Tetrises as he can within 24 hours and or within 100 million points. This will be recorded and witnessed by an official Twin Galaxies Referee. TriForce will create a Tetris (four lines simultaneously) and for every Tetris he completes viewers can donate $1 or more via PayPal to the AIDS

Walk New York Charity for AIDS/HIV research and treatment. The money will be collected through SOS Gamers, a Nonprofit 501C3 officially charity organization. Gamers can tune in LIVE on 

For more information about SOS Gamers you can visit their site at

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