Thursday, July 5, 2012

Feel The Theatrhythm! -- Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Celebration with StreetPass NYC

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7  Train to Vernon Blvd - Jackson Ave OR  G  Train to 21st Street

The Creek and the Cave (10-93 Jackson Ave., Long Island City, New York 11101)

Date: July 7th, Saturday

2:30pm – 5:30 pm

It's been 25 Years of Spoony Bards, Ultima, Esper Summons, Limit Breaks and Belts & Zippers! Square-Enix has given us a treat to mark this milestone with Theatrhythm Final Fantasy for the Nintendo 3DS! A very deep rhythm game, it takes you through twenty five years of Final Fantasy evolution with the ability to add more songs via DLC, a first for the platform.

We at StreetPass NYC invite you all to celebrate with us at the The Creek and The Cave on Saturday, July 7th from 2:30 PM -- 5:30 PM (though we might stay longer than that). A simple trip on the 7 Train or G Train (via the L) will get you a block away from this awesome venue!

Besides awesome drinks, food, StreetPass Tags and friendships we will also provide these entertaining activities:

-- The Entire Collection of Popular Final Fantasy Music will be blasted from the Battle of the Four Fiends, to Maggie's Cave to One Wing Angel.

-- A Final Fantasy Trivia Contest with the lucky surviving winner receiving a Nintendo $20 eShop Card to buy more DLC for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy or to spend on the Retro Summer Sale on the eShop for the entire month of July! Starts at 4:00 pm sharp.

-- Experience (for perhaps the first time) the chaotic fun of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for the Nintendo Gamecube multiplayer mode! We plan on having enough Game Boy Advances and Gamecube Link Cables for an amazing four player rush to bring the Crystal Chalices to fend of the evil Mistma!

We hope you bring a good positive attitude, your best Final Fantasy swag/memorabilia (we will take photos/video and send them to Square-Enix) and of course the new Theatrhythm Final Fantasy for Nintendo 3DS!

Part of the Summer of Square month for StreetPass NYC!

Additionally, two of their affiliates are also having events the day after on Sunday, June 7th. For Pokemon fans, join Pokemon DS NYC at this link ( ) and for otaku summer fun check out Apple Kissa & Tenshi No Ai Coney Island event ( )

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