Friday, July 20, 2012

Ye Raid Upon Yonder Nexus! -- Heroes of Ruin Launch Event with StreetPass NYC

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  B, C   Train to 81 St - Museum of Natural History

Belvedere Castle in Central Park (
79 Mid Park, New York, NY)

Date: July 22nd, Sunday

10:00am – 5:00 pm

Following the very successful Theatrhythm Final Fantasy party, StreetPass NYC will continue its “Summer of Square-Enix” event this July with a celebration of the acclaimed western-RPG from n-Space, Heroes of Ruin, this Sunday, July 22nd at Belvedere Castle in Central Park!

Arriving on the First Balcony starting at 10:00 AM, the rag tag group of merry gamers will trade valued loot in Heroes of Ruin via the Trader’s Network, team up to fight against vicious monsters and partake quests that reap in the riches and experience points one yonder traveler seeks. All who show up to the event between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM will receive a limited edition Heroes of Ruin mini-poster while supplies last.

Beginning at 2:30 PM, a real life test of valor will begin! Brave warriors will be separated into groups of four of their choosing, in which then they will pick among them who is the best Warrior, Gunslinger, Alchitect and Savage.

There will be six challenges in total between groups:

Warriors Challenge – Fists will fly and feet like a force of a hurricane will face those selected to a duel of the death.

Gunslinger Challenge – Before one masters thou firearm, one must start with a bow and prove they can hit the targets the fastest.

Alchitech Challenge – One must harvest magic from their surroundings to mend a spell that is quite devastating.

Savage Challenge – Facing the most fearsome beasts ever known, the savages must use their brutality to fend off the treacherous raiders.

Teamwork Challenge – Using all the tools of the trade, one must grab the most gold by the heft of a shell and the fastness of the toadstool.

Nexus Final Challenge – Loading into the Nexus, all must work in unison to complete the special task in the game Heroes of Ruin! (Must have Heroes of Ruin game or Heroes of Ruin eShop Demo to enter!)

Each challenge a team wins scores them a point with the final challenge scoring two. The team with the highest points will be able to choose from the sweetest of real life booty such as Nintendo 3DS gear and Best Buy gift cards.

The winning team will also have their name etched in the glory of history on the official Heroes of Ruin website!

Part of the Summer of Square month for StreetPass NYC!

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